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OK fair enough to point out the Namibia genocide by Germany in 1904-07, when maybe 100,000 died.

True, but the obvious answer is: 15 million lives to stop Germany? It wasn't worth it. Especially when the Namibia genocide by this time was long over, and not ongoing during WWI.

One could also note that other European countries committed atrocities in Africa. e.g. Belgium's genocide in Congo in 1885–1908. Couldn't one equally support those fighting against Belgium in WWI?

I think my position is, if you had to pick a side, yes, you would pick the Allies. But my no.1 vote would have gone to a ceasefire. There was no cause - on the Western front at least - for which 15 million lives lost seems reasonable - or anything but an appalling waste.

I'm as hawkish as they get for a good cause, but 15 million lives to stop the Kaiser? That makes no sense.

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